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My name is Brett Jansen.

I am a mom, wife, corporate executive, sales expert, entrepreneur, business strategist, world traveler, mac n cheese junkie AND I am passionate about helping moms create businesses or find a career that provides them the financial freedom they need and the confidence they deserve.

Like you, I have always had a fire in me to do something more than just my 9-5. I love my job but I also love being my own boss, creating a life for my family that allows for travel, security, savings and never worrying about paying the bills.

My mission is to teach moms how to create and grow their own side hustles that will eventually become their full time empire.

Regardless if you are working or a stay at home mom, you deserve to follow your ambitious dreams and start your own business. The Good Life Momma is your support system to find your true calling and live your best life. Let’s build your empire together.


With Love,