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My name is Brett Jansen.

I am a mom, wife, corporate executive, entrepreneur, business strategist, world traveler, mac n cheese junkie and I am passionate about helping moms find and have it “all.”

Like you, after I had my son, I struggled to find balance in “all the things.” I loved my job but my priorities had shifted. I knew in order to truly feel happy and settled, I needed to make sense of this new chaos I was in and understand how to better prioritize my time.

It was at that moment that The Good Life Momma was created.

Whether you are a stay at home mom wanting to go back to work, currently working but just don’t feel satisfied with your career or want to build your own business, The Good Life Momma is your support system to find your true calling and live your best life.

FREE TRAINING - Four Tools Every Mom Should Be Using Today

What if I told you that it’s possible to:

      • Not feel constantly overwhelmed
      • Organized
      • Have a way to communicate your goals with your Significant other
      • Manage Your Time Better
      • Capture Stories and Articles You Will ACTUALLY Read Later
      • Manage a thriving Career and Family
      • Have multiple to lists based on different areas of your life