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Financial Freedom, Community and Great Hair

Looking to create balance and financial freedom in your life? 

I am building a team of life-minded, ambitious women that want to break free from debt, be a part of a supportive community, have more time for your family and want to finally live the life they have always wanted. Did I mention you also get 30% off amazing top of the line hair products that are life changing?

***Once you click "join my team" make sure to enroll as MP (Market Parnter) to start earning money and saving 30% on products

What do you get when you join my team?

Momma, you deserve to have it all. What are you waiting for?

Online Training

Immediate access to the Market Partner Academy, with interactive training modules that outline proven techniques and tactics that lead to growth.

Find Your Tribe

Join our community of supportive, ambitious and rockstar women! Gain access to an exclusive FB group, team calls and mentoring opportunities.

Social Media / Sales Training

Learn how to sell the product without actually "selling." Become a micro-influencer. Create real relationships, establish value and have fun while doing it!

Earn Quickly

Replace your income. Earn a residual income which means you can make money while you sleep, go on vacation, spend time with your family or 

Partner with a Top of the Line Hair Care Product Company

  • We are the first hair care product opportunity exclusively in the Direct Selling Industry
  • Our safe and non-toxic products are clinically researched and scientifically backed, so you can feel confident about what you're offering.
  • This company offers one of the most competitive compensation plans in the industry - up to 40% commissions on personal sales as well as rank advancement bonuses and matching bonuses. 

About Me

I am a mom, wife, corporate executive, online marketer, podcast host of "The Good Life Momma," entrepreneur, business strategist, world traveler, mac n cheese junkie and I am passionate about helping women, especially moms find and have it “all.

I believe moms shouldn’t have to choose between a "career" they love and being a mom. You can have the best of both worlds. We should never feel guilty for being ambitious, wanting to create financial freedom for our families and creating a life we truly love. I am excited to partner with you, build an empire and finally get that balance in our life we are all looking for.

— Brett Jansen, MS

***Once you click "join my team" make sure to enroll as MP (Market Parnter) to start earning money and saving 30% on products