I am going to let you guys in on a little secret. It may shock some of those in the Good Life Momma community but I am totally pivoting my business and focusing on creation vs finding. Yes, I still believe that women can have it all: career, family, marriage, health, friends, etc… but why are we so focused on finding something like balance that frankly doesn’t exist? On episode 5 of The Good Life Momma Podcast, creator and founder Brett Jansen will talk through her new frame of thought and how you can start being realistic with your time, expectations and knowing your worth. How can we create our best life if we don’t know whats really broke besides the fact that we all need more time.

If the one thing you need to focus on today is time, be sure to head over to thegoodlifemomma.com/tools to take my FREE course “four tools every mom should be using today.”

Stop making excuses for not living your best life, start creating that life, today.

#5: Stop Trying to Find Balance
The Good Life Momma

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