In episode three of The Good Life Momma, we will walk through a practice approach to managing a day that just seems to overwhelming to concur. I call it the two column but it basically allows me to prioritize and forces me to ask for help when needed. As moms, our first fault is not asking for help enough. That mom guilt sinks in and we want to “do it all.” Guess what? You can. However, you have to get out of the mindset that you can do it “all” on your own. If you are a single mom and/or lack a support system, work your butt off to build your support system which means a sitter.  If you have a support system, leverage that to find time for yourself and absolutely do not feel guilty about it.

We can only manage so much in 24 hours. It’s essential to our success that we map it out, talk it out, get rest, reset and make time for our souls to recharge.

#3: My Two Column Approach to Managing the Chaos

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